Petway Mills & Pearson, PA is concerned about our clients’ well-being and health and our employees’ well-being and health.  The coronavirus has forced Petway Mills & Pearson, PA to implement new procedures regarding obtaining information from our tax clients, processing tax information and releasing tax returns to our clients.  The sole goal of these changes is protecting our greatly appreciated clients and our wonderful staff.

Beginning March 23, 2020, we will see tax clients by appointment only.  We will release the final tax returns by appointment only. We are using this approach to limit the number of people in our facilities at any one time and to reduce your exposure to our staff.

Most of our tax preparers are working from their homes to reduce their risk of exposure to the coronavirus and the tax return preparation may take a little longer than normal.  Please note the returns are due by July 15, 2020 and we will have the returns completed before that date.

Clients should mail their tax information, e mail their tax information or leave their tax information in the mailbox on our porch in lieu of bringing the tax information to our front desk.  We will prepare your returns from your information and call or e mail you requesting additional information as we complete preparation of the return.

Once we have the return to the point that we need to discuss the return we will call and make an appointment to meet with you if we are unable to discuss the return to your satisfaction by telephone.

Further, we are requesting that no client or staff enter our offices if they are sick, coughing, running a fever, have a sore throat, have a loss of taste or are having difficulty breathing. We reserve the right to take anyone’s temperature, by infrared technology, that enters our office as advised by the Office of the Governor as a protective measure for our staff and our clients.

The management of Petway Mills & Pearson, PA and our staff appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.


In one way or another PETWAY MILLS & PEARSON, PA has been providing accounting services in the Raleigh, NC area for almost 30 years. Much has changed since those early days of our accounting firm, but one thing has remained constant. Whether it’s a small tax return or a $50 million corporate audit, our commitment is to provide you the most accurate, most informed and most beneficial treatment of your personal and your organization’s accounting matters. Take a moment to get to know us through our website and give us a call to see how we can help you.

Please contact PETWAY MILLS & PEARSON, PA at (919) 269-7405 today.


C Corporations, Individuals, Trusts & Estates tax returns are normally due 4/15/20.  The new deadline (this year only), is July 15th for filing & payments.


To help individuals achieve financial success and cope with the challenges of life
To help organizations grow, prosper and thrive
To analyze and report clearly the results of our client’s operations
To maintain the highest professional standards in all that we do.


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