Our Certified Public AccountantsAt PETWAY MILLS & PEARSON, we have a staff of highly motivated Certified Public Accountants to assist with your business or individual needs. All of CPA’s have undergone extensive training and certification exams to insure their knowledge of the tax codes are at a premium.

What is a CPA? For someone to use or even have the designation of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) they must start with education and verify a minimum number of accounting classes have been taken and passed. Many times this basically requires a Master’s Degree to pass this requirement alone. Even after a certification is earned stringent ongoing education is required to maintain one’s standing.  Next, experience is required. A candidate must demonstrate at least one year of experience. Finally, a four-part test must be passed demonstrating excellence in the knowledge and skills required.

From the NC CPA Board: “The reliance of the public and the business community on sound financial reporting and advice on business affairs imposes on the accounting profession an obligation to maintain a high standard of technical competence, morality, and integrity.”

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